Luton Council of Faiths (LCoF) is committed to encouraging and promoting tolerance, respect and mutual understanding among people of all faiths and cultures, both in Luton and beyond. Over the years we have gained significant trust, confidence and credibility in Luton, and work alongside a diverse array of agencies, organisations and community groups in matters relating to community cohesion.


LCoF delivers a number of community events and initiatives including, but not exclusive to, the Annual Luton Peace Walk, musical concerts, public discussions, recreational sport projects, conservation work, public vigils and much much more. 



In an unprecedented step to mitigate Covid-19 fears and anxieties affecting people’s mental health, Ryad Khodabocus, Head of Community Relations & Development at Luton Council of Faiths (LCoF), and Jolel Miah, Founding Chair of Our Minds Matter have together produced Podcast on ‘Spirituality & Mental Health’ from different faiths perspectives, bringing science and spirituality together. 


Digital audio files can be downloaded FREE from to listen to guest speakers invited from different faiths, sharing how they apply spirituality to understand and manage mental health and overall well-being.


Daily Lockdown Activities and Mental Health Guidance

Click the links below to view some activity ideas and mental

health guidance. Produced by Luton Council of Faiths.

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