Training & Workshops

In a diverse society such as ours, it is becoming more and more important to be able to communicate effectively with people from different faith and cultural backgrounds. Diversity needs to be shared and understood, and dialogue needs to take place so that differences and commonalities between our communities can be shared and celebrated without creating offence. LCoF facilities a range of bespoke workshops and other training opportunities to help people develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to do so. Other activities also help to develop leadership skills and increase environmental awareness.


Faith & Cultural Awareness

LCoF has a great deal of experience delivering various training programmes and workshops designed to enhance interfaith and intercultural awareness and understanding. The content of these workshops differ depending on the context of each opportunity (e.g. what the purpose of the training is, who it is for etc), and are usually designed on a case by case basis. If you feel that your organisation or project would benefit from this type of opportunity then please get in touch.   



Catalyst, a Youth Leadership Programme run in partnership with the St Philip’s Centre in Leicester, is a dynamic and interactive young leaders programme which aims to build the confidence of and make real, the potential of young people so that they can change their communities for the better. In Luton, LCoF has facilitated the delivery of this programme for young people from many different faiths, and has been able to include local faith and community leaders in the delivery of the workshops. Catalyst involves a range of activities and learning opportunities which are based on themes such as Networking, Leadership, Inter Faith and Communication and Community, and young people can work through these themes to achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of accreditation.


Faith Talks

One of the best ways to learn about other faiths is to meet and listen to people from other faiths, and so LCoF regularly arranges and supports these kind of opportunities. These talks consist of an informal speech given by one or more people of different faiths, and then the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion with others, often identifying and highlighting what faiths have in common instead of only focusing on the differences between us.


Archery GB Young Leaders Award

The exciting work that LCoF has been involved in whilst facilitating archery provision in Luton has included supporting young people from local community clubs in achieving the Archery GB Young Leaders Award. LCoF helped deliver a core syllabus of subjects, in addition to character and leadership development content, in order to help these young people develop leadership skills, enhance their self-awareness and that of others, and increase their confidence.


John Muir Award

As part of the Faith Woodlands Communities project, LCoF encouraged groups, families and individuals to achieve a John Muir environmental award, which encourages people to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. Part of the criteria for this award requires people to discover, explore, conserve and share their natural surroundings, and show enthusiasm and commitment towards their involvement in doing so.

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