Community Relations

LCoF plays a key role in enhancing and maintaining positive, resectful and cohesive community relations between different faith and cultural communities across Luton and beyond, through a variety of ways. Read on to find out more about our work here.

Past & Present Projects

LCoF delivers a vast programme of different projects, some in collaboration with partner organisations, including work related to the environment, sport, youth engagement, Fairtrade and much more. Explore our past and current projects here.

Work with Schools

LCoF works closely in collaboration with a number of different faith and state schools across Luton. These partnerships are of key importance and incredibly beneficial to staff, students and the local community. Take a look at how we work with schools here.

Training & Workshops

LCoF has a great deal of experience and a deep understanding of interfaith and intercultural matters, which has emabled it to become a trusted provider of relevent training and workshops. Discover how we may be able to help your organisation here.

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